Our prehistoric ancestors adapted natural objects to help them forage for and eat the nourishment available in their habitat.

This is still seen in the animal kingdom; chimpanzees and crows use twigs as tools to probe and plunder their environment for tasty rewards. Using intelligence, planning and skill to access hard to reach food sources.

These organic looking utensils by Julie Mellor are intended to recreate a mindfulness of enjoying food in a way that taps into our earliest pleasures. A fragment of shell is recreated, hand forged in metal to reach the tantalising corners of a nearly empty jar of chocolate spread. The handle is cast using the ancient lost wax method to create a one-off lasting replica of a favourite twig. The long length and delicate angles of these natural implements provide a sensory experience modern utensils cannot reach, so that edible delights are savoured down to the last morsel.

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